You have 2 methods of payment offering maximum security guarantees:

-By Credit card:

We have chosen to join the program to secure payment by bank card matching 3D SECURE payment of the protocol. If your bank also adheres to the security program, you will see a new screen will appear when your payments. This new display the logo of your bank allows you to enter personal data to validate your payments. You will find all the necessary instructions on this screen: read them carefully!

About 3D SECURE:

This solution allows better authentication of the holder of the payment card from purchases made, which is not yet widespread on all online shopping sites. You will receive a unique code to each payment (based on information at your bank or on your mobile, email or fixed) is not the same PIN you use to withdraw money in the bank.

- By check in € uros to the order of the ESF Orelle. Check, the back of which you will forward the name of the student, addressed to:

ESF Orelle

the Francoz

73140 ORELLE

All payments are made in euros. Processing time and delivery of an order paid by check are subject to the receipt of it. Payments by credit card will guarantee you a treatment and a quick delivery of your order.

It is strongly advised to call the ski school if you prefer to pay on site to guarantee your reservation, the following number: